David Rasco

   I served with Delta and Echo Companies, 3 /39th from December of 1968 until August of 1969. In April of 69, I joined E Company and built the Recon/Sniper Platoon for LTC. John D Smythe, Battalion Commander of the 3/39. The photographs that you will be viewing were taken between April and August 1969.

   Recon worked out of FSB Moore, doing road security on Hwy 4 (lots of action around the Rice Mill), Snoopy’s Nose, and anywhere else that could be dreamed up (even a short time in the Plain of Reeds). We worked in 2 and 4 man teams, with the full platoon, with Navy Seals, MacV advisors and their Provincial Recon Units (PRUs) and a Flashy Jeep when doing road security. We did Stay Behinds, we did those insane Orbit and Inserts at altitude, waiting for a LOH chopper on the deck to draw fire or see some one running away, at which time they inserted us to find out what was up! As I said, if the Brass could dream up something unusual, it came with our name on it.

   During the time I spent in the hospital (anything to get out of the field!) in Japan, I met one of the many very crazy chopper pilots that supported the 9th, and became good friends (they are suckers for free beer). As a result of that friendship, I was able to hook up with my friend (WO David Newkirk), check out a chopper that needed “a maintenance flight” and fly around the south, taking tourist pictures. We did this on several occasions. I was even invited to fly door gunner one evening to pick up of a group of LRRPS (being stupid went with my job description!). So you will see a number of photographs taken from the air… giving you a different perspective.

   I hope that these photos bring back good memories of the great men that we had the honor to serve with, the many South Vietnamese that deserved to be free, and reminds all of us, that we did a tough job, and did it with honor and pride!

David Rasco

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